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Polyurethan Tube Product Upgrade

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  • Date:2022.03.22 14:31
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Polyurethan Tube Product Upgrade

“CDD Pneumatic has upgraded Polyurethan Tube to meet consumers’ requirements”

CDC Pneumatic has upgraded Polyurethane Tube by strengthening its flexibility.

Compared to previous Polyurethane Tube, the upgraded version offers higher quality of increased flexibility, kinking resistance and abrasion resistance. 

With this upgrade, CDC Pneumatic’s polyurethane tubes are more flexible compared to other products and easily assemble into fittings. 

Polyurethane Tube exhibits properties similar to rubber and has the chemical resistance associated with plastic. 

Thus, it has the advantage of being able to assemble into more various fittings.

Meet the upgraded CDC Pneumatic Polyurethane Tube.