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M Fitting - Speed ​​Controller (New Product)

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  • Date:2021.02.01 11:26
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CDC Pneumatic has released the M-fitting Speed ​​Controller with upgraded performance and durability.

The M-fitting speed controller is one of the best-selling products in the fittings market and is suitable for users working in tight spaces. Especially, it is a product that is easy to use when using miniaturized equipment and can be used in a narrow working area. The updated product has improved the speed control function by increasing the number of needle rotations to 10-12 rotations.

M-fitting speed controllers are compact, small-scale products, but with the highest level of durability. With the operating pressure (100~990kPa) specification, it is a performance that is comparable to existing products.

M-fitting speed controller is expected to satisfy a wide range of consumers as it can control air flow as well as the best performance and durability with its compact design.

Meanwhile, CDCPneumatics has been making efforts to produce products that comply with environmental regulations for the global environment. Check the product section for the M-fitting speed controller, an eco-friendly product that considers the global environment.