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  • Date:2021.04.27 13:41
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Fitting accessories are as important as fittings, they are important component of your pneumatic installation solution. The fitting accessories provided by CDC Pneumatic are as follows.


In particular, polyurethane tube is high-quality hose with more than 98% raw material content, which is different from other cheap products. CDC provides customers with polyurethane tubes of various colors and lengths.

In the case of polyethylene tubes, we do not use materials harmful to the human body for food and beverage, and are manufactured and supplied to customers after obtaining approval from the world food and beverage certification regulations.

When cutting the tube, you must use a tube cutter. CDC Pneumatic's tube cutter has a long lifespan because the blade can be replaced, and the locking device allows safe use and storage. For user convenience, a 1m tape measure attached to the tube cutter can also be used. Don't forget the safe and quality CDC Pneumatic Tube Cutter.