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Introduction of Stainless Steel 316L fittings

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  • Date:2021.04.27 18:16
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1) Product introduction

SUS 316L, FKM (Fluorine rubber-VITON) SEAL applied Heat and chemical resistance One-touch detachable fitting

2) Application field

                                   Battery production line                                                                        Semiconductor production line

                      [Secondary battery production line]                                                         [Semiconductor production line]

3) Differentiation
① Compared to PLASTIC, SUS 316L is applied to use in high-temperature and high-pressure environments (20Bar, -20~150℃)
② Excellent durability: 3Million Cycle (PLASTIC material – 1 Million Cycle)
③ Excellent chemical resistance: FKM (fluorine rubber-VITON) seal applied

4) Expected effect
① Suitable for lines with limited use of copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn)
② Excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance
③ Excellent compatibility for general industry, precision equipment, semiconductors, secondary batteries, food, etc.

5) Technical description 

① One-touch connection of pneumatic piping by applying LOCK CLAW
② Excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance by applying FKM(VITON) SEAL
③ Rotation of screw part with lock ring structure-Improve workability

6) Application examples
① N company battery production line applied
② Application of S company oil refinery line
③ H company's automobile production line applied

7) Core detailed technology

8) Reliability test result / burst pressure test

9) Detailed specification