CEO Message

CDCPNEUMATICS will grow as a truthful and reliable corporate.

CEO of CDCPNEUMATICS Co., Ltd. Hwa-dong Kim

Dear CDCPNEUMATICS customers,

CDCPNEUMATICS manufactures reliable air and pneumatic products for over 40 years.

Born from ‘Chumdan Coupler’ in November 1983, CDCPNEUMATICS specializes pneumatic fittings and fluid fittings. CDCPNEUMATICS prioritizes business principles and code of conduct to manufacture proficient and safe products.

CDCPNEUMATICS is a solid domestic market based, only a domestic company manufactures approved air/pneumatic fitting and fluid fitting. CDCPNEUMATICS is a global company, exporting ‘MADE in CDCPNEUMATICS’ fittings over 50 overseas markets. CDCPNEUMATICS will strive to become a hidden champion and a global company to cover all region of the world.

Our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with European standard including ISO9001 and ISO14001. CDCPNEUMATICS established approved quality and environmental system.

“Fluidfit” has established to produce fittings and valves for water, beverage and food. It is specially designed environmental protection and no fluid contamination. Fluidfit is safe products approved NSF 51 and NSF 61(National Health and Standard Association, USA). It is also accredited by European certification, ICIM, KTW, and WRAS.

CDCPNEUMATICS will meet the future market’s requirements through rigorous research and development. We carry a firm belief of ‘a reliable partner’ to produce approved and safe products.

CDCPNEUMATICS has received prestigious awards including president awards and of many approval organizations. Our company continuously seeks innovated and qualified products and endeavors to build relationships of mutual trust between stakeholders and to contribute to society.