Continuous Challenge!

CDCPNEUMATICS strives the future of innovation,
technology and greater value of products.

CDCPNEUMATICS has expanded and developed greatly since 1983 and moved to a designed factory of around 113,000 sq feet. We also expanded staff and production to manufacture various range of air/pneumatic fittings and fluid fittings.

CDCPNEUMATICS is the first domestic company that manufacture approved air/pneumatic fittings and food and beverage fittings.

CDCPNEUMATICS will strengthen its ability to offer eco-friendly products, high value fittings and valves in line with 4th industrial revolution generation. We will continue to meet our customers’ needs and provide excellence of service based on data analysis.

CDCPNEUMATICS exports own products ‘Made by CDCPNEUMATICS’ to over 50 countries across the world.

진출국가 50개

CDCPNEUMATICS has been recognized for stability, suitability and technological innovation of fittings and vales. We will ensure to create tomorrow’s market requirements that create eco-friendly environment and innovated product technology.